Getting to know the history of the truck

The truck is known as one of the most important means of transportation in today’s world. In this article, we will examine the history and development of the truck.

The first trucks in our country were also widely used after the First World War. Some of these trucks were imported from Iran’s occupying countries (England and Soviet Union). Although before the Islamic revolution, several different factories for the production of these products were established in Iran; But now most of the brands in the market are foreign brands. In the following text, we intend to briefly introduce you to the history of this fascinating device.

When were the first trucks in the world invented?

The history of the truck in its present form goes back to the early years of the invention of the automobile. As you know, Benz company produced the first car in history. Simultaneously with the production of the first car, a person named Daimler took action to improve the quality of the chassis and increase the power of the engine by reviewing and improving the Benz design.

The result of this was the creation of a van that could easily move heavy loads by using a gearbox and three different gears. Of course, you should not compare the power of this early van or truck with the power of today’s trucks. These trucks have various disadvantages, among them, we can mention things like creating severe pollution for the environment and also very low speed.

Truck evolution

  • The 19th century and the advent of steam engines and then internal combustion engines created a new generation of means of transportation.
  • The appearance of the first generation of trucks in Europe and America revolutionized the transportation industry with the advancement of motorcycle technology and other vehicles.

Increasing popularity of trucks

The first internal combustion engines were produced in the early 20th century. These engines played an important role in the history of the truck; Because the use of these engines would increase the overall power of the truck. The first generation of modern trucks were used around the fifties. In fact, the design of the front engine as well as the placement of the trailer in a modular way started from this decade. In the early years of the truck’s invention, these were really just low-capacity vans that made a lot of noise and had sky-high fuel consumption.

With the passage of time and the improvement of technology, trucks also underwent many changes that improved their performance. As mentioned in the beginning of truck history, the presence of trucks in our country has a long history. It is interesting to know that the first Middle Eastern truck production factory was established in Iran. This factory was fully engaged in the production of Mercedes-Benz trucks, which later became known as Khavar. Today, various companies are operating in the country to assemble different parts of foreign brands.

Many experts predict that as the emergence of electric cars increases, trucks will also move in this direction. In fact, several different European and American companies have started producing electric trucks that, in addition to not causing pollution, also have great acceleration and speed.

Final word

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine the world without trucks. These practical devices are the main priority in the field of transportation of various goods and are used in all countries of the world. Fortunately, in recent years, modern trucks have entered our country, which, in addition to reducing fuel consumption, also have a good rating in terms of power and speed.


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