Introduction of Ataman company

From idea to world industry

Azaran Ataman Machine Builders Company consisting of Ataman Engineers Group for the first time in Iran as an active and modern group in the industrial and technological field in 1402 with the formation of a group of experienced and expert engineers who each have brilliant experiences independently, under the management of Engineer Naghi Faraji has officially started working.

By inviting experienced experts from various industries and forming an international engineering network, Ataman Group is trying to take a big step in meeting the needs of various national and international industries by creating a suitable platform for the emergence of ideas and creating products with advanced technology. Business is on the path of progress.

In Ataman Group, a platform has been provided where idea owners can turn their designs into products that can be sold in the market in a safe environment. And on the other hand, industrial owners can refer to this collection to meet their industrial needs and benefit from the special services of Ataman Group.

Ataman Scientific-Industrial Complex, by using its scientific power and industrial experience and using experienced experts in different fields, has the talent to coordinate with the owners of industries in all stages of production of an industrial product from the initial phase of study, design, extraction of construction drawings, prototyping. And he is responsible for optimizing the design, implementing the production line, designing the production tools and establishing the management system until the final sale.

Policy :

  1. Maximum use of minimum resources
  2. Adherence to the intellectual property rights of the idea owners
  3. Keeping customers’ secrets and their satisfaction
  4. Optimal use of time
  5. Adherence to quality principles


  1. Commercialization of ideas and inventions
  2. Carrying out innovative projects
  3. Helping internal researchers and science owners
  4. Establishment of a sales center for scientific and engineering products
  5. Professional support of industries
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