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Proposing the manufacture of jacks and fixtures for the trailer production line for reputable Iranian and German companies


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Jack and fixtures of the trailer production line

Chassis and support system

  1. Rolling and holder system.
  2. 4 hand holding clips

Fully automatic welding portal

2.1 complete Mag welding machine with European requirements of Merkel brand or EWM Alpha Q    two machines

2.2 control panel and three motor drivers

2.3 20 meter shoulder gear system

2.4 portal axis

2.5 x-axis arm and guidance system

2.6 Two HIWIN roller bearings

2.8 power supply, switches, cables and earth system

2.9 channels for guiding cables

2.10 Making mechanical parts based on the plan 600 working hours

2.11 System assembly 100 working hours

2.12 Painting and coatings of parts and black work and anodizing

2.13 Training test time and delivery 50 working hours

  1. 1. The weight of essentials and steel materials is 22 tons

    2. One pack hydraulic system

    3. 10 chassis blade hydraulic cylinders

    1. Hydraulic cylinder, clamps and stabilizing and orthogonal arm system, 16 pcs
    2. Front fixing system
    3. Beard mill tray position system
    4. Back strap fix system.
    5. 6 hand valves
    6. Hoses, copper pipes and fittings
    7. Machining time 1500 hours
    8. Assembly time 350 hours
    9. Painting and coating
    10. Control panel

1. The weight of essentials and steel materials is 11 tons

2. One pack hydraulic system

3. 10 hydraulic cylinders

4. 10 hand valves

5. Copper hoses and fittings

6. Machining time 900 hours

7. Assembly time 250 hours

8. Painting and coating

9. Control panel

10. Bronze bearings 60 x 12, 30 pieces.

11. One Iranian Mig/Mag welding machine for tattooing.

  1. Motor system and movement carriage and control panel

12. Working time for testing, training and delivery is 50 hours

  1. Complete set of frame with installation of hydraulic piping, coating and painting and hardened rail plates of four sets.
  2. Plate adapter 50 mm thick fully machined two pieces
  3. 1750 mm long chassis blade clamp set, four pieces (including the clamps of the braces.
  4. One electronic control panel.
  5. Vickers valve (VICKERS VALVE) four numbers.
  6. Four Neumeister safety valves.
  7. 7.5 kW hydraulic pack pump system with a tank volume of 100 liters
  8. Gearbox motor brand Siemens Flander 4000 Nebuton meter, two complete sets.
  9. Double torque transmission chain 24-B brand (SKF or TSUBAKI) five meters.
  10. Main shaft with gears and safety system. two items
  11. Double chain wheels with a diameter of 70, two pieces
  12. 320 diameter double chain wheels
  13. Roller bearings (Heavy lifter roller bearing) 8 pcs.
  14. Special FSG profile 10 meters long.
  15. Cylinders above 180 bar with a course of 1500, made in Germany and Turkey, with safety valves, piping and two complete sets of fittings.
  16. Complete set of two main heads.
  1. This project will be carried out in collaboration with the German company Einhofer at the company’s location in Tabriz, and all devices will be of German quality and European quality materials.
  2. The construction and delivery period will be 12 months. And it will be done in two phases. The first phase of the chassis blade set will be delivered six months after the progress of 70 percent of the first phase.
  3. The second phase will be started.
    Due to the fluctuations in the prices with the dollar price, the supply of standard parts and foreign equipment will be done at the beginning of the contract, so the purchases and orders will be based on the BOM of Eichenhofer company at the very beginning of the contract.
  4. The price of the dollar at the time of this offer is calculated with 260,000 rials, and if the price fluctuates more than 10%, the prices will be updated.
  5. The training for setting up and making prototypes will be with the presence of the contractor and the employer’s experts, and the employer will be required to provide labor and materials and necessities at Mehran Sard’s location.
    This is an initial offer and will be formalized in the form of a contract if agreed.
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