mission statement

Creating ideas & own changes

We want to be an engineering organization that, by creating products and ideas, will improve the welfare and comfort of humanity in the world so that people can make the most of what they have.


Production of trailer accessories and decorations for the first time in Iran

Designing and manufacturing all kinds of trailer line products and machines and the first professional collection in Iran to provide engineering services to trailer manufacturing companies

Robotics and automation

Automation of all industrial and production activities performed by humans, as well as upgrading and optimizing existing machines

Registration of ideas and engineering services

Carrying out related activities to register ideas and commercialize works Consulting and engineering services for companies and institutions

Vision and values

From idea to product

Carrying out innovative projects and helping domestic researchers and science owners to commercialize their ideas and inventions into new products, becoming a sales center for engineering and scientific products and providing professional support to them.

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our services

Ataman company, based on more than half a century of work experience and the employment of expert and committed people, with technical facilities and under the supervision and capable management, is proud in the field of production of machinery and parts of factories, production and installation of tanks, production and installation of metal structures

Advice and supervision by the company representative

If you have a production line in your industrial unit, you must make sure that the production line is working optimally.

Supervision of manufacturing and quality control of machine parts and their production methods and manufacturer selection

Industrial machines and devices are constantly suffering from different problems. These problems can be in different parts, including the mechanics of the device, electricity or its control.

Buying production and assembly line tools and providing a list of tools

You may be looking for the design and manufacture of custom industrial machines and devices. A device that does not have an example in the country or that you intend to implement your idea in a practical way.

Installation and commissioning of jigs and fixtures and machines and providing installation drawings

Using the best experts in the field of designing industrial devices, has the honor to carry out all your orders for the design and construction of industrial machines based on the current standards of the world.

Setting up a product production line and training personnel in prototype production

By employing creative, young, committed, professional, expert people with new ideas

Training of engineering personnel and supervision of the engineering archive system

By using creative, expert and professional people in the field of manufacturing all industrial tools, sheds, steel tanks, etc.

Compilation of the organizational chart and the formation of company units and the description of the duties of the units

Design, construction and implementation of all industrial projects with the highest quality and standard grade

Compilation of production line documents and instructions and maintenance manuals

Designing, building and implementing all kinds of sheds, all kinds of tankers, all kinds of steel tanks and steel pipes, all kinds of industrial machines and...

Carrying out innovative projects and helping internal researchers and science owners to commercialize ideas

our goals

Technology in motion control

By innovating in our systems, we improve the limits of mobility, skill and intelligence in our systems, and cause precise and controllable movements that are beyond human ability, therefore, the mechanisms designed in this collection have the ability to move freely. And it increases the reliability of movement and eliminates errors.

Empowering companies with asset reliability solutions


PLM provides the upstream platform for product creation and engineering data management. At the concept phase, product creation processes allow for flexibility and creativity with limited or no change management, with the ability to reuse data from past products. As products mature, the data management process becomes tighter, change management kicks-in, and more organizational functions are required to collaborate to make things happen.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) have traditionally been three very distinct pillars of the manufacturing technology puzzle. But in today’s world—where timely product delivery and top-notch quality are the hallmarks of success—those individual pieces are coming together to create a foundation for a modern-day interpretation of lean manufacturing


MES is the de facto shop floor performance and operations management engine behind most mass-production control activities. It regroups all plant-wide manufacturing decisions, focusing on rapid actions, detailed planning, forecasting, continuous improvement, planned and actual metric analysis and ongoing adjustments.

Worker welding in a factory.
Customers comments

What do they say about us?

Quality in design, construction and timely delivery is the opinion of all our customers.

Innovation at work in industries

By making special changes and innovations in our systems, relying on the experiences of expert engineers, we improve the quality, speed and save your time, our goal is to produce without human intervention or at least human intervention, so this collection is ready He is ready to face your problems and to solve them, he is ready to cooperate with those who are tired of the old production system.
Robotic Arm
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