Dump Truck

Dump trucks are trucks whose truck has a room, and it is also called a unloading part that is done by a compressor device.

Dump trailers have many uses. More dump trailer for carrying building materials such as plaster, sand, cement, soil, etc. It is used. The features of dump truck can be mentioned fast and high speed unloading as well as fast loading and unloading.

What are the characteristics of dump trucks?

  • Dump trailer dimensions: length (mm): 9,980 | Width (mm): 2,570
  • Capacity: 24 tons (30 cubic meters)
  • The weight of dump truck is equal to 8000 kg.
  • 6 mm high strength steel plate floor reinforced with transverse rams
  • Dump trailer wall: 4.5 mm steel sheet with high strength reinforced with special diagonal poles
  • Front crown: 4.5 mm steel plate with high strength reinforced with longitudinal bars
  • The rear door of dump truck: dual purpose with the ability to open upwards and hinge to the sides
  • Dump trailer axle: three 9 ton German SAF-BPW axles
  • Substructure: Air balloon suspension system and special shock absorber for trailer elevation adjustment
  • Electrical system: with 7 and 15-pole switch with 24-volt power line, rear and side lights, and global standard warning system

What are the characteristics of dump trucks?

There are a series of features that make dump trailers unique compared to other trailers, but what are the features of dump trailers? Stay with us until the end of the article to answer this question.

Fast unloading

In tipper trailers, the speed of unloading is much higher than in other trailers, and it is easier to unload in tipper trailers and no hard work is needed to unload the load.

Easy loading

Loading is also very convenient and easy in tipper trailers, and loading is easier in dumper trailers than other trailers, and this factor is one of the factors that distinguish dumper trailers from other trailers.

What is the application of dump truck?

Dump trucks for transporting loads such as: sand, gypsum, cement raw materials, bauxite, mineral pumice, blown sand, clay, coal, refractory soil, crushed furnace weld, natural bitumen, asphalt and also all kinds of agricultural waste. Such as: wheat, semolina, corn, soy, beet, oilseeds, etc.

Important instructions regarding the correct use of the trailer and dump truck unloading?

A dump truck is a type of heavy machine that is made for lifting purposes only and never used as a dump room stabilizer. This widely used machine has made the work easier in many fields, and one of the most important features of the compactor trailer is the ease and speed of its work. But in order to use the dumper correctly, some points should be taken into account so that it can be used in the best way.

  1. If you are sure that the dumper is not well restrained, never work under its room.
  2. When working with this car, its base must be placed between the lower frame of the room and the chassis in a safe way.
  3. In order to lubricate it, you must use oil with the recommended density, and also use only high-quality oil for hydraulic circuits.
  4. The vehicle should not be left with the dump chamber emptying, and also avoid washing the cylinder with high pressure water as much as possible.
  5. The oil level of the dump truck tank should be checked constantly and all the moving parts of the cylinder and its accessories should be lubricated before use.
  6. All the pipes of the car are checked and it must be ensured that the flexible pipes are secure to the chassis. In case of any decay or damage, they should be replaced immediately.
  7. When the lifter is not engaged, the oil level in the hydraulic tank should be checked and all lubrication points of the dumper should be lubricated.
  8. The height of the dumping trailer and the dimensions of the dumping trailer should be taken into consideration when working, especially when passing through the underpass or…
  9. You should avoid carrying any side load as much as possible and be sure of the uniformity of the load.
  10. When unloading, make sure that the rear is open and that there are no people in the area.
  11. Consider electrical cables, etc. when unloading and note that the dump truck must not move during unloading.
  12. When compacting, the surface of the ground should be well leveled.

What things may cause tipping of dumpers?

Compressing the load is considered one of the features of the dump truck, which may overturn in many cases due to circumstances. This overturning happens under the influence of many conditions, which include the following:

  • Unloading or compacting on soft and sloping ground
  • Many materials that may adhere to the dump chamber, such as mud discharge, clay
  • Compressing in windy and stormy conditions
  • Not having enough skill of the driver and mastering the car and cutting the trailer while driving

Final word

In this article, we have explained all kinds of important features about dump trucks so that by reading this article, you can be aware of the dangers that always threaten drivers, in addition to increasing your skills when carrying cargo with this truck.


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