Scania truck guard

Truck guard is one of the important and vital components to protect trucks against various damages. Truck guards are usually made of metal or plastic and are installed on the front and rear of the truck to prevent damage from impact and scratches during long trips and in urban environments.


Truck guards were first designed to protect the truck body and panels from impact and scratches. But with the passage of time, new developments were made in the field of engineering and design of guards. These developments, in addition to providing greater safety, also helped to improve the appearance and performance of the trucks.

Benefits and uses

  • Protecting the truck from impact and scratches
  • Reduction of damage in case of collision
  • Increasing the safety of cargo and people
  • Improving the appearance and style of the truck
  • Use in long trips and in urban environments

Scania truck guards

Due to its focus on safety and quality, Scania produces durable and high-quality guards for its products. These guards are noticed due to their suitable design and quality materials and they play an important role in maintaining the safety and beauty of trucks.

All kinds of Scania truck guards

Scania company offers different types of truck guards. This includes sidewall guards, front guards, rear guards, and even guards with aero patterns to improve vehicle performance. Each of these types of guards has specific features and uses that are selected depending on the needs and conditions of use.

Materials used

Scania truck guards are made of durable and quality materials. Among these materials, we can mention resistant metals such as steel or aluminum or resistant plastic materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene. Each of these materials are used in Scania truck guards due to their mechanical properties, resistance to various damages and appropriate weight.

Check efficiency in different conditions

Scania truck guards are tested and reviewed in various conditions. These tests include things like impact resistance, tolerance to different weather conditions, performance at high and low speeds, and impact on truck performance. Ensuring the quality and efficiency of guards in real conditions is of great importance.

Environmental benefits

Fuel consumption is reduced; According to some research, installing a truck guard can save up to 5% in fuel consumption. This results in reduced emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, which is very positive from an environmental point of view.


Scania truck guards are a very suitable choice for the protection, safety and beauty of trucks due to their features and benefits. Using quality guards such as Scania guards can help improve the efficiency and safety of trucks and play an important role in saving energy and preserving the environment.


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