The most worn-out spare parts for heavy vehicles

Using heavy machines for construction projects and transportation on the roads causes the spare parts of these cars to face problems and need to be replaced. Heavy vehicles such as trucks, cranes and trolleys have parts that suffer more depreciation.

Changing or replacing these parts is one of the main concerns of drivers because problems such as the breakdown of these cars will cause irreparable losses.

Spare parts in heavy machines, such as truck spare parts, have a great effect on improving the performance and increasing the life of the machine. Among the spare parts that need to be replaced in short periods and suffer more depreciation, the following can be mentioned.

Brake disc

The wheel disc or the brake disc has a great impact on the performance of heavy vehicles. Creating problems in heavy machines causes irreparable problems. The use of this disk in the suspension system, which is one of the most important parts of the car, is another reason for the importance of this part.

The brake disc is placed between the wheel and the pad, and when the driver steps on the brake pedal, this pad gets friction on the brake and causes this part to wear out over time. If this part does not work properly, the heavy machine will not stop and endanger the lives of the passengers.


Turbocharge is one of the most used parts in heavy cars. This part introduces air into the cylinder chamber and increases the performance and power of the engine. This part has tasks such as increasing engine power, optimizing fuel consumption, increasing vehicle efficiency and reducing engine weight.

Blowing air and creating turbocharge pressure causes more air to enter the cylinder chamber. Using this part in heavy cars reduces the fuel consumption of cars.


The gearbox is one of the most important parts and spare parts in the car. In the movement system of heavy machines, the gearbox is of particular importance and transmits power to the wheels. Due to the role of the gearbox in the movement, this part suffers wear and tear and breaks down very quickly, and in case of any problem, this part must be replaced very quickly.


Cooling the interior of heavy cars is very important because of its movement in different climate zones. This part increases engine performance. In the hot seasons of the year, the use of this piece reaches its maximum, that’s why the possibility of its destruction is very high. This part is installed in turbocharged engines and improves the temperature through air compression.


All kinds of filters are other car spare parts. Filters play the role of a shield in heavy machines and prevent damage to other parts. The filters that need to be replaced the most include the engine oil filter, sediment filter, fuel system filter, and sediment filter.

Drivers should take the necessary steps to replace this filter every 6 months. One of the duties of this system is to absorb pollution and improve the quality of other car parts. One of the important tasks of this filter is to purify the air inside the system. This piece is considered a high-use spare part.

Jack and wrench

One of the most used accessories of heavy machines is the wrench box. Due to the high consumption of these parts, most of the manufacturers of heavy cars put a wrench box on these cars as an accessory so that if the drivers encounter problems on the roads, they do not need to buy these accessories.


Among other heavy machine parts are tachographs. This device informs drivers about various things, including the speed of the car. Adjusting sleep and rest time is another use of this device. If this part has a problem, drivers will have problems.

Spark plugs

Other spare parts of heavy machines are spark plugs. Due to the fact that the car does not move in case of failure of the spark plugs, they can be considered as one of the most important parts. Due to the importance of using spark plugs, it is necessary to always have one of these parts in the car. Using the best platinum spark plugs increases the life of the car.

Cruise control

Cruise control is one of the most used spare parts in heavy cars. This part is one of the speed control systems in cars that keeps the speed constant through the control keys. By using this system, the speed of the car can be changed without using the gas pedal. The control of the incoming air into the compartment is done through cruise control.

Frequent use of heavy machines to carry loads and participate in construction projects causes an early need to replace parts. Due to the movement of these cars on the road and being far from services such as repairs, it is better to check and replace the equipment that wears out faster in certain periods of time.


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