When To Get A Moose Guard For Your Semi Truck

Driving a semi-truck is no simple matter. It can be particularly challenging when you are traversing areas with plenty of wildlife. Accidents can happen with many animals such as deer, which could damage your grille, headlights, and more. Often, truck drivers will invest in a regular truck bumper or deer guard bumper. Regular truck bumpers can be less sturdy than deer bumpers, but these suit well enough for many drivers.

3D modern trucks parked in spacious warehouse
3D modern trucks parked in spacious warehouse

However, what if you’re driving through an area with larger animals such as cows or even moose? You’ll want to protect yourself and your vehicle with a moose bumper. 

What Is a Moose Bumper? Is It Different from a Deer Bumper or Guard?

Washing Semi Truck Closeup
Washing Semi Truck Closeup

If you are the owner or driver of a large truck, you may have used a more general grille guard in the past for your truck, or even invested in a deer bumper to keep your vehicle safe from wildlife. So what difference would a moose bumper make?

To put their differences simply, a moose bumper is a larger bumper made of stronger materials. The strongest moose bumpers may also have a different way it attaches to your grille from a deer bumper for a semi-truck. Moose bumpers can also be taller than deer guards to keep your entire grille as well as your headlights safe from a collision with a larger animal.  

How Do I Protect My Truck from Deer and Other Animals?

The simple answer is to consider a guard or bumper. However, which one you get depends on what kind of land you are driving through. If you drive across areas with plenty of large animals, it is best to avoid braking suddenly or trying to swerve with a large vehicle. If you have used a deer guard in the past, but have run into a cow, horse, or moose, you’ve probably had to pay a great deal for a new bumper or truck repairs. 

If you drive across land with deer and smaller wildlife, a deer guard will suffice. But to keep you and your truck safe from locations with horses, cows, and moose, you should consider a larger bumper, such as the moose bumper.

What Truck Bumpers Are Made Of Vs. What Moose Bumpers Are Made of

Moose bumpers are needed for protecting more of your truck than only the front edge — they will help to protect your engine and headlights, too. Replacing your engine, headlights, and even fog lights are extremely expensive. A moose bumper can help to protect you and save you money on replacement parts.

Most bumpers for smaller trucks are still made from strong materials like steel or polished chrome, but they can also be plastic. When it comes to moose bumpers for semi-trucks, it’s safe to say that you wouldn’t come across a plastic one. 

Larger trucks need to protect their engines, therefore the materials they are made of are stronger, and the bumpers themselves are much larger than your average one. Tuff Guard bumpers and Aftermarket bumpers are a great choice if you want to invest in a moose bumper.

Buy A Moose Guard From PitStop

PitStop has a wide variety of deer guards and moose guards for sale. We offer Ex-Guard models with brackets to fit most semi-trucks, including Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Mac, Volvo, and more. Our heavy-duty moose guards will keep your truck protected during collisions with large animals. Shop moose guards for your truck today!

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