Deer Guards for Trucks

If you want your truck built with an accessory that improves safety and extends your vehicle’s capabilities, consider investing in a grille guard. These sturdy truck additions can protect your truck’s front bumper, grille, and headlights from future damages like animal incidents, vehicular accidents, and environmental impairment

Trucking! At the Truck Stop!
Trucking! At the Truck Stop!

 Grille guards are multi-functional attachments; they’re easy to install and serve as a durable upgrade for a multitude of situations on the road. Whether you’re driving in high traffic areas, exploring woodsy locations with a large potential for deer confrontations, or off-roading in rocky environments, a deer guard can serve many purposes. Consider purchasing a deer guard for your truck today.

Benefits of Deer Guards

Man trucker hugging his truck
Man trucker hugging his truck

There are many perks to outfitting your car with a superior grille guard. Not only will your truck’s deer guard safeguard the front body in the case of collisions with animals and other vehicles, it may prevent injuries to the truck driver and passengers during these dangerous accidents. Because grille guards can provide increased safety, many auto insurance companies offer discounts for trucks rigged with grille guards. Be sure to inquire with your insurance company on potential savings benefits.

Deer guards are stylish additions to your truck’s exterior appearance. Truck owners can choose from a variety of colors and designs that suit their particular tastes and truck aesthetic. Most grille guards are built from formed tube steel or aluminum and come in chrome, black, and stainless steel finishes. To enhance the appearance and functionality of a grille guard, truck owners may want to accessorize their deer guards with auxiliary lights that can assist with driving through fog or off-roading. Not all grille guard products offer these options, so be sure to research and choose from the manufacturer that has grille guards that suit your needs. Some of the best grille guards for deer incidents are fully equipped with functional add-ons.

Heavy-duty grille guards, also known as brush guards or bull bars, will be customized to fit your trucks exact structure and size. They will fit perfectly with your truck’s factory mounting positions and front end body. As you shop for your ideal deer guard accessory, make sure to search for your truck’s exact model, make, and year. This will allow you to find the correct deer guards to fit your truck’s specifications. Truck drivers can choose to purchase a full grille guard setup or consider modular pieces like headlight guards. 

Deer guards are simple to install and maintain. Most grille guard options allow for easy fitting on factory mounting positions situated underneath the front bumper. Truck owners can simply bolt on the brackets. Many grille guards can be installed without needing advanced tools.

Should You Purchase a Deer Grille Guard For Your Truck?

Deer guards aren’t just flashy additions to spruce up your truck’s look. As noted above, they can serve a variety of functions to ensure your vehicle is performing to the best of its ability and protected during potential accidents and damages.

If you reside in woodsy or rural areas located near forests or locations with an excess of wildlife, you could benefit from outfitting your truck with a deer guard. You will improve the safety of you and your passengers in the case of an accident. Additionally, grille guard owners will save on automobile repair costs because deer guards can prevent your truck from low-impact collisions that result in severe scrapes, dents, or erosion. 

Grille guards are especially useful in preventing serious damage and lowering the impact during collisions with deer. Many of the best grille guards for deer accidents on the market are affordable and built with high-quality materials. If you’ve experienced a deer accident in the past, think about investing in a sturdy deer guard.

How to Install A Deer Guard

Deer guards are easy to install to your truck’s front exterior. There are many truck services that will do the work for you. Research services in your area with grille guard installation capabilities. If you’re outfitting your car with a deer guard on your own, see below for installation instructions. 

  1. Before getting started, make sure you have the appropriate tools. We recommend having a screwdriver, hand wrench, ratchet wrench, socket, and penetrating solvent handy. Some trucks may need additional hardware like drills, grinders, or portable saws. 
  2. First, install the lower brackets onto your deer guard. You can mount the brackets onto holes that are already built into your truck’s front end. If your truck currently has tow hooks attached to these holes, unbolt them. Make use of the penetrating solvent to loosen any stuck-on bolts.
  3. If you’ve purchased a heavy-duty full-width grille guard, you’ll next need to install the upper mounting brackets. They should fit between your truck’s grille openings. Once secure, tighten the bolts into place.  
  4. Have someone assist you in placing the bull bar. Your assistant can hold the bar in place as you affix it to the front bumper and secure it to the upper and lower mounted brackets. 
  5. If your deer guard comes with a winch, be sure to install the mounted support tray directly to the truck’s exterior and then fasten your bull bar onto the winch itself while securing to the upper and lower brackets.
  6. As you finish your deer guard installation, make sure to tighten all the necessary nuts and ensure mounted bolts are in the correct place.

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