What is a Trailer?

The trailer, which is a type of vehicle without engines, is a freight transport vehicle that can be connected to the back of motor vehicles. People or cargo can be transported on the trailer. The use of trailers is quite common in Turkey and even around the world.

Trailers are a vehicle that can be produced in different sizes, widths and lengths. It has a structure that can be applied to different types of vehicles.

The reason why the trailer is often used in transportation is due to the lower cost of transportation. If you’re looking for affordable transportation, the trailer is for you.

We got an answer to the question of what is a trailer. Now let’s examine the advantages of the trailer vehicle.

Trailer transportation has many advantages. Let’s talk about these advantages.

  • It provides additional carrying capacity to the vehicles in which it is mounted, regardless of whether it is small or large.
  • It is quite easy to load goods into the trailer.
  • Trailers with a very long service life are a very profitable investment for the transportation sector.
  • It can be used for different purposes. Many different products can be transported on trailers.
  • Trailers with very low maintenance costs pay their own price in a short time.
  • It does not generate additional costs like other vehicles you will use for transportation.
  • If your storage space or warehouses are narrow, you can buy trailers. When not in use, the wheels can be removed upright and the trailers can be stored.
  • It is an economical type of tool.
  • It does not release an extra harmful gas into the nature, as it does not have an engine.

As you can see, the trailer is a very advantageous type of vehicle. If you want to handle transportation works at affordable prices, you can definitely choose a trailer. Trailer prices vary according to trailer size For this, we first need to know what are the types of trailers.

Now let’s learn more about trailer types with you.

Trailers that are separated from carrying all or part of the cargo they carry can be of several types.

  • Full Trailer: It carries all the good carried on its own and only tow the trailer to the motor vehicle. Examples of agricultural equipment trailers are the full trailer model.
  • Semi Trailer: It is the type of trailer in which the motor vehicle is loaded some or half of the load carried by the trailer. In this type of trailer, part of the trailer is on the vehicle. Truck trailers are a semi-trailer variety.
  • Light Trailer: It is a type of trailer whose load capacity does not exceed 750 kg.
  • Central Axels Trailer: It is a type of trailer that is usually used for small vehicles such as cars and vans. Most of the load is carried by the trailer.

In addition, there is a system widely used for trailers. This trailer system, known as a TORMENTED system, is a system that facilitates yawning. Therefore, this torsion trailer system should not be moved emptyly, especially on broken roads. Empty transport of this trailer system may cause the vehicle to swerve. This can lead to loss of life and property. So if it has to be moved empty, a sandbag can be put in it.

Trailers are a powerless vehicle towed by an electric or gasoline vehicle. It is widely used in the transportation of goods and materials. Recreation vehicles, travel trailers or mobile homes with limited living facilities where people can camp or stay are called trailers.

Trailers are divided into 5 classes;

  • O class: Trailers or semi-trailers towed by a motor vehicle
  • O1 class: Trailers with a maximum load weight of 750 kg
  • O2 class: Trailers with a maximum load weight of 3.5 tons
  • O3 class: Trailers with a maximum load weight of between 3.5 and 10 tons
  • O4 class: Trailers with a maximum load weight of more than 10 tons

Trailers can be produced in different sizes and volumes depending on the features of the load they will carry. Depending on the tone it will carry, there are different types of trailers with hydraulic and mechanical brakes, which have wheel and axle features depending on the tone, which can be produced with a socket electrical system.

The tanker, which plays an important role for transportation, is an important phenomenon not only for companies but also for people in the field of business. Tankers are at the top of transportation duties with their benefits in the field of work.

Trailers are known as vehicles that are connected to the back of the tractor with a special apparatus and are without engines. with the trailers, it is possible to carry without extra cost. with the trailers used by many people who want to save fuel over time, transportation operations are carried out in a short time.

The areas of use of trailers are quite wide. The trailer according to the quantity and size of the load should be determined. Otherwise, there may be problems with the transport process.


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