Duff truck guard

Duff company is one of the top manufacturers of truck guards. Duff guards are also made of quality and resistant materials based on focusing on safety, quality and strength. These guards not only play an important role in maintaining the safety and beauty of trucks, but also have special importance in terms of strength and stability.

Types of Duff truck guards

In addition to standard front and rear guards, Duff offers a variety of truck guards, including sidewall guards, air-patterned guards to improve vehicle performance, and special guards to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Check efficiency in different conditions

Duff truck guards are also tested in different conditions. These tests include things like impact resistance, tolerance to different weather conditions, performance at high and low speeds, and impact on truck performance. Guaranteeing the quality and efficiency of guards in real conditions is of great importance.

Advantages of Duff truck guards

  • Protecting pedestrians and cyclists: Duff truck guards reduce the risk of collisions with pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles. This reduces the number of accidents and increases road safety.
  • Resistance to weather conditions: Duff truck guards must withstand the effects of rain, snow, ice and other weather conditions. Therefore, such guards should be made of materials that are resistant to corrosion and rust. Also, the installation of water wire lights in guards can improve the safety of drivers.
  • Positive environmental effects: Installing truck guards as one of the solutions to reduce fuel consumption and reduce the emission of pollutants and greenhouse gases can have positive effects on the environment. This action can improve air quality and reduce carbon dioxide.

Final points

  • Noise level: Duff guards may affect the sound level of the truck. Some guards can help reduce noise, which is important for drivers and the environment.
  • Appearance design: The attractive and unique design of Duff guards may also be important for transport companies. Because these designs can be a sign of professionalism and the importance of being chivalrous.


Duff truck guards are valuable and essential to protect trucks and increase the safety of roads and urban environments. Increasing the importance of safety and environmental issues, emphasizing the quality of construction and the use of high-performance materials can help improve these guards and maintain public safety and health.


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