Trailer tanker production lines are used to produce all kinds of trailer tankers. These production lines include various stages that ultimately lead to the production of a quality and safe tanker trailer.

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Production stages of tanker trailer

The production stages of trailer tankers generally include the following:

  1. design and engineering

The first stage in the production of trailer tankers is its design and engineering. At this stage, technical specifications such as the type of liquid to be transported, capacity, dimensions and weight are determined. Also, at this stage, technical drawings are prepared.

Production line of trailer tankers

  1. Sprinkle paper

In the next step, the steel sheets required for construction are cut. This work is done using laser or hydraulic cutting machines.

  1. welding

After cutting the sheets, welding is done. At this stage, the sheets are welded together to form the body.

  1. Cleaning and painting

After welding, it is cleaned and painted. Painting is necessary to protect it from corrosion and damage.

  1. equipment installation

In the last step, the required equipment such as valves, pumps and sensors are installed.

Types of tankers trailers

Trailer tankers are produced in different types. Some of the most common types of tanker trailers are:

  • Oil tankers
  • Chemical tankers
  • Water tankers
  • Food tankers
  • Sewage tankers

Application of tanker trailer

Trailer tankers are used to transport all kinds of liquids. These liquids can include petroleum, chemicals, water, food, and sewage. Trailer tankers play an important role in the transportation and distribution of these liquids.

Tanker trailer security

Tanker trailer security is of great importance. These tankers must be designed and built in such a way that they are resistant to possible accidents such as accidents and fires. Also, these tankers must be equipped with safety equipment such as warning and fire extinguishing systems.

Tanker trailer production lines in Iran

In Iran, there are several companies producing tanker trailers. These companies use modern and advanced production lines to produce quality and safe trailer tankers.


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